Pengetahuan Kernel (13) – Struktur Data Linux (13) – mm_struct

Struktur data mm_struct digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan virtual memory dari sebuah kerja atau proses.

[sourcecode language=”cpp”]
struct mm_struct {
int count;
pgd_t * pgd;
unsigned long context;
unsigned long start_code, end_code, start_data, end_data;
unsigned long start_brk, brk, start_stack, start_mmap;
unsigned long arg_start, arg_end, env_start, env_end;
unsigned long rss, total_vm, locked_vm;
unsigned long def_flags;
struct vm_area_struct * mmap;
struct vm_area_struct * mmap_avl;
struct semaphore mmap_sem;
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