Pengetahuan Kernel (12) – Struktur Data Linux (12) – mem_map_t

Struktur data mem_map_t (juga dikenal dengan page) digunakan untuk menangani informasi tentang tiap-tiap page di memori fisik.

[sourcecode language=”cpp”]
<pre>typedef struct page {
/* these must be first (free area handling) */
struct page *next;
struct page *prev;
struct inode *inode;
unsigned long offset;
struct page *next_hash;
atomic_t count;
unsigned flags; /* atomic flags, some possibly
updated asynchronously */
unsigned dirty:16,
struct wait_queue *wait;
struct page *prev_hash;
struct buffer_head *buffers;
unsigned long swap_unlock_entry;
unsigned long map_nr; /* page->map_nr == page – mem_map */
} mem_map_t;
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