Pengetahuan Kernel (14) – Struktur Data Linux (14) – pci_bus

Setiap bus PCI pada sistem direpresentasikan dengan struktur data  pci_bus

[sourcecode language=”cpp”]
struct pci_bus {
struct pci_bus *parent; /* parent bus this bridge is on */
struct pci_bus *children; /* chain of P2P bridges on this bus */
struct pci_bus *next; /* chain of all PCI buses */
struct pci_dev *self; /* bridge device as seen by parent */
struct pci_dev *devices; /* devices behind this bridge */
void *sysdata; /* hook for sys-specific extension */
unsigned char number; /* bus number */
unsigned char primary; /* number of primary bridge */
unsigned char secondary; /* number of secondary bridge */
unsigned char subordinate; /* max number of subordinate buses */
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